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It may then be worthwhile to note that there is a precedent in Rolex watches

Le 7 November 2013, 07:59 dans Humeurs 0

I've always considered the GMT Master to be my favorite Rolex. A Submariner is always a safe choice, but you do afterall see them everywhere. Not that the GMT is a rarity by any means, but it's just that little extra panache that does it for me. Give me a GMT hand, a faded bezel insert, some yellowish patina and I'm sold. As you already may know, the present day GMT Master has a ceramic bezel. While an interesting (and inventive) choice, you are always going to have to put up with purists that refuse to acknowledge any other material than steel in their watches, something especially true in some circles of Rolex Replica UK, Best Replica Rolex Watches Sale.

It may then be worthwhile to note that there is a precedent in Rolex's use of certain exotic materials in the GMT Master. Early on in its life (being born in collaboration with Pan-Am Airways, the story has it), the GMT Master featured a bezel made of nothing other than bakelite. An an outdated acrylic type of material, you can still find bakelite in old radios and certain telephones. An interesting choice, even back when bakelite was at its height of popularity in the plastic industry, bakelite is rumored to have been chosen because it was easy to work with, and the only way to apply radium to the numbers on the dial.

The good news? The lume on these watches are pretty fantastic. Some even glow to this day. The bad news? Bakelite isn't exactly the ideal material to use in a sports watch designed to be banged around with. The bezel cracked relatively easily.

Even so, Bakelite GMT Masters have become quite a gem and highly sought after. Their very short production run (not more than four years) as well as their important place in Rolex history have made them a hit among serious collectors. Luckily, there's a late (1959) example in astonishing condition (and a fair price, too) for sale right here on hublot replica. Don't miss out on owning a piece of watchmaking history.

Staying in the limelight of Rolex Milgauss watches

Le 7 November 2013, 07:57 dans Humeurs 0

Few brands enjoy such strong recognition like Rolex, which is not news to anyone. One of the the flip sides of that coin is how dividing Rolex is, as both a company and a straight-up phenomenon, in the watch world. For every Rolex lover, you will probably find someone who thinks that buying a Rolex is just a superficial way of showing your perceived success in the world. How delightful then to see that even within the community, there are things that seem to divide the aaa rolex uk fans into groups of love and hate. As mentioned back in August, UK watch customizer Pro-Hunter has causing quite a lot of fuzz in the watch world, with their modifications of classic Rolex models going for a premium.

The verdict? Some feel that it's heresy to modify such classics. Some feel that the updated more contemporary PVD-ish look of some of the watches is just an added bonus, underlining Rolex's heritage as a maker of real, no nonsense tool watches. What do i think? Quite frankly (and this is assuming I had the money just waiting to be spent), I'm not enough of a Rolex purist to outright claim that the watches are ruined by the treatment. Add the fact how weak I am for the black watch trend (note that in the current line of Pro-Hunters, DLC is used rather than PVD), I think we got ourselves a winner.

The latest addition in the Pro-Hunter collection is the unsung hero of the Rolex family, the Milgauss. Originally conceived as a watch for people working in industries with strong electromagnetic fields back in 1954, the Milgauss was reintroduced at BaselWorld a couple of years ago and has quickly grown to become one of the most sought after Cartier Watches Replica UK of today.

Since James is always trying to bring you the most talked about, exclusive toys on the planet, even how divisive they might be, there are a number of Pro-Hunters for sale by BJS Online available right here on JamesList. Still not convinced? Luckily, BJS has two more, let's say, timeless models for those of us with a soft spot for iconic 1960s heroes...